Monday, December 29, 2008

A Very Weird Christmas It Was!!!

This Christmas was very different than my past Christmases. Instead of bouncing Jasmine from house to house, I instead had to drop her off at her dads this year. Luckily Christmas for my family was moved to another day than the normal so I didn't miss out being with Jasmine. It was just weird dropping her off and not coming inside. Of course, they offered but I didn't feel it was at a good enough point in mine and her dads relationship to spend 'family time' in that way.

Finally the day for my family's Christmas came and it was so much fun! Chris dropped Jasmine off at my house and said a quick Hello before leaving. The awkwardness I felt from the stares of my brothers and sisters after he left was weird...but then we got the party started.

I always love Christmas at my house because it is so much fun with so many people everywhere! It was good to see everyone happy and together. The kids got a bunch of presents. As usual, we did Secret Santa and of course some family didn't get what they wanted. But it was a very fun filled event!

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