Friday, August 6, 2010

Photography, refound.

It was the day I decided to quit Photography that I realized I not only truly loved it, but I needed it.
I had decided I couldn't be better, that I didn't want to put the effort into learning new things nor perfecting the very skill I posessed. I didn't have faith within myself to pull it off. When people would let me know how amazing a certain image I took was, I wouldn't take pride in it. I would just say Thank You and not a word more. I didn't want to boast about my photography or put a 'price' on it because I felt it was sacred to me and if someone, anyone was to ridicule it, I would be petrified. I had decided that I'd rather not deal with the bad that may come so I quit.
I stopped taking pictures, I stopped putting thought into my images when I would take them, I just stopped. And after awhile I didn't feel anything, nothing wrong that I had quit. Everything was still normal, I didn't feel any turmoil that I had expected. I didn't feel anything. Until I realized that I didn't feel anything. No inspiration, no love for what I did, no gratification. I decided then this was worth more. Feeling the camera in my hands, loving the joy I brought to clients faces, the overwhelming response of gratitude when I showcased their albums. This was it. I was home. And I was never going to leave again.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Parents Photo Faves

Parents Photo Faves

Please vote for Jasmine to be on the cover of Parents magazine!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sneak Peek :: Valerie & Joseph

OK, OK. I'm behind. As if I hadn't realized that. I threw in a sneak peek for my camping trip right after 4th of July weekend and here we are, a month before Labor Day weekend and I haven't finished showing the wonderfulness I encountered on my camping trip. I promise as soon as I can, I will!

For now, I'd like to hold you off by showing a wonderful sneak peek of the gorgeous wedding I was able to be apart of this past weekend.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Become A Fan!

I got suckered into it. Honest.

A client of mine suggested it. I proceeded in telling her I was nowhere near that cool to make one. She laughed.

Then another client of mine also suggested it. Then another.

So here I am, shamelessly promoting myself. :)

I have officially jumped on the bandwagon of Facebook Fan Pages. And to not make me feel ridiculous, become a Fan. ;)

And thanks for the support!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sneak Peek :: Camping & More

It was a beautiful weekend. I love weekends like this. Family, good times, great weather...all you need for camping and for some great fireworks.

Here's a sneak peek of my ca
mping trip as well as a mini-shoot I couldn't resist doing with Gizmo (niece's dog).

Hope everyone had a good 4th!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Faith, Respect

The other day someone asked me why I believed in God. They themselves did not believe in anything and they said they often wondered why my belief was so strong. I pondered many different ways to answer this...'I just do', 'I was brought up in believing so', 'I have researched other religions and feel most drawn to the Word of the Lord.' But instead I decided to answer with a true honest answer that was a bit selfish but so true and is the root of my beliefs today.

'My grandmother passed away 3 years ago and there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of her. She believed in the Lord very much, she said her Holy Rosary everyday and always talked about the Lord to myself and everyone else. Without her wisdom and love and beliefs I would not be the same person I am today. So with that, I believe she is with the Lord and she is happy and she watches over me everyday. I have to believe in the Lord more than ever to know she is well and that she no longer experiences pain but happiness. This is what sparked my belief system so strongly as of late. I have to have belief in the Lord to know she is happy because to just think she is in a coffin somewhere and that's it...I won't believe it, I can't understand it. There is a higher force. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ because I believe in the Word of God, the Bible as well. To me, all answers lead to Him. The more I read the Bible, attend church and pray, the more I learn about the Lord and my relationship I have with Him grows. Of course, I have setbacks...who doesn't? I am not saying that because I believe in God, I am the most perfect person and I will do everything right. Sin is what is in between us and our maker. It's a fact of life. I try and pray each day so that I can be a better person and a stronger believe in my faith so that others can see myself and want to follow as well.'

He then said, 'I don't believe in anything. I mean, of course there had to be a God...but what does that mean?'

I asked him, 'How can you believe there is a God and not believe in Him and follow Him?'

He then said, 'My life's been pretty bad. Nothing good has ever happened to why should I believe?'

I told him that I was not a Pastor so I could not give him the correct answer to everything...but I instead said to him, 'A lot of people out there believe they can handle their problems on their own...and a lot of Christian people believe that if they pray about it and hand over their problems to the Lord and believe in Him to take care of it, the turnout is different for them...this is what I believe.'

He then went on to tell me how crazy I sounded and that I was full of it.

I am telling this story for one reason. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. I do not make fun of or call people insane for believing in something or someone I do not believe in. Nor should I be ridiculed for my beliefs. I respect you, all I ask is you to respect me. I am offering this story in hopes this sparks an interest in someone who does not believe in God or for someone whose faith has dwindled and is in need of a boost...or for those who have experienced a situation like this.

God Bless You All.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Inspiration...Sure Goes A Long Way!

I absolutely love Jessica Strickland's photos...So much that I get mad at myself that my photos can not be more like hers. There are photographers out there that I love... I love their photos as well as themselves like Melissa Jill...or think they as a person through their blog is so freakin' cool that I don't care if they had not so cool pictures but in fact they do very much so like Jasmine Star...or so FANTABULOUS pictures that I want to drop to the ground everytime I visit their Jessica Strickland.

I love that there are photographers out there displaying their work, offering tips, helping aspiring photographers such as myself strive for greatness...via their blog. I have never met these lovely ladies in my life but I would be so incredibly honored to do so...which is why I think I'm going to plan a trip to each of their cities just so I can be a 'client' and get my photos taken and be amongst the amazingness of their photography collection. That way I can also say I have met them and rave about how cool they actually are in person. :)

If only I could get the courage to do so...and not seem so stalkerish. ;)