Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's in a Burger?

The other night Marky came over to help Chris work on the recording studio that Chris has been putting together in the garage which has also been driving me nuts! I never knew that after giving him permission to make this studio of his that he would end up trying to enlist my help!

After a couple of hours of myself hanging out with Jessica in the warmth of the house, the guys came in exhausted as usual and plopped themselves on the couch. I squealed with excitement after hearing that it was finally done. Thank GOD! It had been so exhausting and life wrenching, to hear it done was relieving.

Chris and Marky began to flip through channels as I repeatedly ask Chris what he was going to cook. After all, he did defrost some meat already! (By the way, Chris is the cook of the house...not ME!) After countless attempts to make him get up and make some food and failing at doing so, Marky brought up Dick's.

Here's the skinny on Dick's. Dick's is a burger joint that I think the only place I could probably compare it to is In and Out Burger. It is located only in Washington, particularly Seattle. They have 5 locations, the ones closest to myself are Capitol Hill and Queen Anne. They have the best tartar sauce, fries, burgers, shakes! Let's just say I've been there a lot and no, I have not got sick of it...not once.

So Marky mentions Dick's and Jessica and I immediately perk up saying definitely yes we wanted that. Mind you, it's 12:00 in the morning. Dick's closes at 2:00 am. It takes a good half hour to 45 mintues to get there since I live in Renton. And now Marky is stalling. He says it's because he's trying to figure out if it's worth it...even though we thought it was simply because although Jessica and I agreed that's what we wanted, we insisted that he drive. He all of a sudden wants to finish what he's doing on the computer...then he has to finish what he's watching on T.V. Then when it hits 1:15, he all of a sudden jumps up and decides that now is the time to drive there.

We all pile into the car, me thinking that we were not going to get there in time. Well, little did I know that Marky is a high speeding maniac driver and zooms there to get us there at 1:35. To add to it, Marky is repeatedly asking, 'Is this worth it? Oh my goodness, I can't believe we're driving here. It better be worth it.' As we ate in the car it became 2:00 and multiple people were still coming but they were closed. It was insane to see people banging on the windows trying to get the workers attention only to get brushed off and told the obvious which was that they were closed and they were not going to serve them.

As we drove home, there was no question...It was totally worth it.

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