Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Inspiration...Sure Goes A Long Way!

I absolutely love Jessica Strickland's photos...So much that I get mad at myself that my photos can not be more like hers. There are photographers out there that I love... I love their photos as well as themselves like Melissa Jill...or think they as a person through their blog is so freakin' cool that I don't care if they had not so cool pictures but in fact they do very much so like Jasmine Star...or so FANTABULOUS pictures that I want to drop to the ground everytime I visit their blog...like Jessica Strickland.

I love that there are photographers out there displaying their work, offering tips, helping aspiring photographers such as myself strive for greatness...via their blog. I have never met these lovely ladies in my life but I would be so incredibly honored to do so...which is why I think I'm going to plan a trip to each of their cities just so I can be a 'client' and get my photos taken and be amongst the amazingness of their photography collection. That way I can also say I have met them and rave about how cool they actually are in person. :)

If only I could get the courage to do so...and not seem so stalkerish. ;)

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