Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photography and Dennis...one in the same!

So…a couple days ago, I began to think about my dreams and goals in life. I started to think about how much I loved Photography, how it made me feel when I clicked just at the right time for just the right shot. How many butterflies would come and go when I would show off the photos I took awaiting other's opinion…but then I thought…when is the first time I felt that feeling? I mean, I have been taking pictures for practically forever, documenting every event, every relationship… but when did I begin to get that ‘feeling’? And then I remembered. I was searching through some old photos when it struck me.

I received a Canon EOS Rebel SLR from my mom after she had coaxed my brother out of selling it. Since I wanted a new camera and this one was huge, I went for it and bought packages of film from Costco. I remember going crazy taking as many photos as I could. My cousin, Cathy, knew I had my new special camera so we took it out for a spin at the Japanese Gardens by University of Washington. There I remembered thinking, ‘This is really great!’ The more photos I took the more hungry for the camera I became and at the perfect time…my nephew Dennis was 1 year old and the cutest thing EVER…and loved being in front of the camera. Below is one of the images I was able to take of him on the porch at my mom’s house.

When this photo was printed, that is when I knew. This was when I got the ‘feeling’. The feeling that I knew in my mind that this was going to change my life, that this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to make a living, a future out of documenting people’s families, relationships, events….memories.

Dennis is 6 years old now and turning 7 on June 28th and he just finished the 1st grade. I can’t believe how old he is, how mature he has become, how happy I am to be his aunt, and what a thrill it is for him to be my nephew. He’s crazy sometimes and is a MAJOR dancer, performer, he loves Spidey and Batman and he’s the coolest kid around. I miss him being a baby sometimes, but then I am reminded of his innocence and happiness of being a soon to be 7 year old and then it’s okay, because I have a photo that lets me go back to the pure innocence of his baby days…

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