Friday, June 27, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman

A mere 8 years ago, Steven Curtis Chapman along with some of Christian music’s biggest names came out to Redmond, WA for the Luis Palau festival. A bunch of people from my church were getting everyone to go and it sounded as if it would be a lot of fun so I went. There were lots of great food and a lot of great music. I was able to listen and watch performances by Cece Winans, The Katinas and of course, Steven Curtis Chapman. He was the headliner of the show, he even brought Luis Palau out with him and they sang together.

Mind you, I am not a major Steven Curtis Chapman fan. I would not list him as a favorite artist, or would any of his songs be on a Top 10 list of mine, but the feeling that I got while watching him perform…he is truly inspirational.

A couple weeks ago, I was doing my daily run of blogs to read on my bookmarks and came across Kenny Kim’s blog. There it read ‘Send a prayer for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family’, I was then surprised when I read that his adopted daughter had passed away. I felt overcome with sadness thinking that this family doesn’t deserve this. He encourages people to believe and walk with Jesus…why him? Why his family? A lot of questions such as these surround ourselves with a passing…may that be of a loved one or even a stranger such as this time. I still was unable to believe what I was reading and was soon filled with sorrow that this family was going through such a painful loss. I began to pray and still do. My prayers still go out to this great Christian singer and his family.

My prayers go out to you and your family. I pray that the Lord weep with you and strengthen you at this time. I know you will find strength from this and we all will soon be hearing it in a tear jerking, life rejoicing melody in rememberance of your precious little girl.

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