Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's official...I'm a slacker! and Halloween Photos =)

This blog is taking up more time than I originally thought it would...and I obviously haven't been posting enough posts with everything that has gone on!
Well first things first...some Halloween photos. =)
I took some photos of Alfino in his two, yes two everyone, halloween costumes which his mama bought him. Talk about indecisive! (Hehe, although I do this, I think, every year.)

First off, he's a Monkey! =)

My daughter is in love with Dora the Explorer...which sad to say, is absolutely all my fault! I used to put her in her 'Jumperoo' and have her watch the Halloween episode because I thought that it was sooo cute. Horrible mistake! ;) Eventually it caught on a little too well and now my daughter can't seem to outgrow it. So Dora has baby sister and baby brother twins and my daughter has fallen madly in love with 'Baby Sister'. She carries her around everywhere! So it was only right to have 'Baby Huno' (which is what Jasmine calls Alfino) to take a picture with him.

Sofie's baby theme for Alfino was centered around animals, jungle and safari. So he has tons and tons of stuffed jungle animals and even a decked out safari hat!

Peaceful, sleeping Fino with one of his buddies just 'hangin' around. =)

And of course Sofie had to put a 'Palm tree' which is her favorite. TIME!

And a little bit closer....

Soon enough Alfino got tired of taking photos. I brought him to his 'changing station' and layed him on his tummy to see if he'd be more happier...he was...for a millisecond. This shot ended up being my favorite! I put on his 'football helmet' but he was getting so mad with it being wrapped around his face, so I decided to just plop it on his head like a hat...and this is what I got.

DOPEY! I love it! He's a little dwarf...and looks so happy...even though right after I took this he started screaming at me to pick him up. =)

So on the actual night of Halloween, I took Jasmine to her grandma's house and met up with her other cousins. This year Jasmine was a mermaid after a long decision changing her from Batgirl...which she loved but didn't love as much as being a mermaid...I think. ;)

Her costume, 'Mermaid'...not Little Mermaid either! It drove me insane, how many people called her Ariel that night. Which probably sounds so incredibly stupid of me, but the reason is, is #1 does being a mermaid have to mean that it's Ariel? #2, Jasmine hasn't even seen Little Mermaid so when people said what a cute Ariel, she would reply that she was 'Marianna', who is a mermaid from Dora the Explorer which if anyone, who she was trying to be! Don't mind me with my weird Mommy worries. =)

I adored her tiara that came with her costume...I just love the seashell detail! Apparently so did Jasmine!

She wanted to take so many pictures with it! She ended up doing so but I'll only post the one of many. =)

Jasmine with her cousin, Giselle, who was only born a month and 3 days before her, as Tinkerbell.

Hardest thing to ever do...try to pose 3 kids under the age of 3 who are tired and all they want to do is eat candy! So this is the most of what any of us trying to take photos got. =)

Later on that night...

Jasmine and I went to visit her other Grandma (my mom) at work since she had to work early that night and was unable to see the wonderful costume she bought her. Jasmine was totally cooperative with her...wonder why? ;)

Afterwards we headed to my mom's house, although no one was there, I decided to take a break from all of Halloween to warm up and mellow out...but was greeted by this.

It's okay, Jasmine! It's only Uncle Allan and Auntie Sofie, Alfino's parents! =) (It's okay everyone. That gun is a lighter.)

Jasmine praying Sofie won't hurt her...she won't! ;)

So after this humungous blog posting that has been due for quite some time, this is how I spent my Halloween this year. What did you do? ;)

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