Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To be continued...

I am editing photos from my wonderful nephew/godson, Alfredo's, baptism that took place this last Sunday. It was an amazing event...I just love baptisms. =) It symbolizes so much, it is an amazing feeling to witness. I was unable to take photos of him while he was getting baptized though, because silly 'ol me totally forgot that since I was a Godparent that I had to stand on the other side and hold onto his head while they put the holy water over him. What was I thinking!? I was standing there unable to move holding him while thinking in my mind, 'Why didn't I hand over my camera to someone else that could take pictures of this defining moment of my nephew's life?'

Which brings me to my next point.

The tough thing about being the 'go-to' family photographer at these kinds of events when your role is so much more than that...how do you get a photo of yourself as a 'Godparent'? You hand over your camera to someone else, that's how. Prior to handing it over though, you adjust your settings on your SLR so that you already know that the photos are still going to come out pretty good. Or not. Which is why if your family appoints you as the 'picture-taker' then you need to bring a back up point-and-shoot just in case for these type of instances. Which I did. ;)
So hopefully some photos tomorrow! (If I don't fall asleep on my keyboard again while in the process of uploading.) :)

See you all tomorrow and Happy Tuesday!

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