Wednesday, November 26, 2008


'Tis the season to where you get to sit down and think about everything in which you are thankful for and this time around is no exception. With all the craziness of the economy, banks going bankrupt and being bought out, auto makers needing 'help' and of course the war yet still going on. Through these hard times, we truly need to take a moment and be greatful for all the wonderful things and people we have. So here goes mine...

I am THANKFUL for...

#1. My wonderful Family: The fact that I have such a big one and although I sometimes whimper and complain that I have to go to so many houses on Thanksgiving or buy so many Christmas presents...I have to at least be thankful that I in fact have a place to go to. A place that awaits me full of people whom I love and cherish...and Yes, even be thankful for the extremely long Christmas list I have, because this means I have many people whom I love and want to show my love and appreciation for them with a gift.

#2: My brand new nephews: I've had 3 this year. =) Alfredo, Alfino and Gavin. I am extremely thankful that you all have came out healthy and are wonderful far. ;)

#3: My gorgeous daughter: She takes my breath away everytime. I am so happy and blessed that she is apart of my life, giving me more reason to go for what I love and dream so that I can show her she can do it too.

#4: My Uncle Leo: He has shown me love like no other and raised me since I was a baby. I am thankful for his love, support and overwhelming generosity. Thank you. I love you.

#5: My loving partner, Chris: He has stuck by my side through every pitfall, mishap and struggle. He may not be perfect by any means but he's still the one who's shoulder I can cry on, who picks me up when I'm down, always with an extended hand. He encourages me in ways I can not encourage myself and he supports me like no other. Thank you Chris, for loving me unconditionally and sticking with me through the stupid parts of life. I am truly thankful for who you are and of our relationship. Thank Goodness for no more Army! I don't know what I'd do if you were to go to Iraq again!

#6: Seattle: I love my city, yes I do! I think it's beautiful even if it's pouring raining and everyone else is complaining about it. I wouldn't have it any other way! I love the clean air, the green trees and the wonderful skyline.

#7: Dreams, Goals and Aspirations: To be able to, to have the chance to, to have the option.

#8: Ones that look up to you as a true Inspiration: Because those are the ones that make life worth living.

#9: Friends: The ones that never left and the ones that did but came back. Truly I am blessed with all the support and love you have all shown me.

#10: Photography Blogs: They give me inspiration to succeed and lots of learning tips as well! =) My favs: Jasmine Star, Jessica Claire, Me Ra Koh, Melissa Jill and Jessica Strickland...among many others!

#11: The Almighty: My powerful and loving, Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I thank him for every breath I take, every wonderful thing and every horrible thing...because horrible things make you realize just how truly blessed you really are.

And lastly...
#12: Our new President: Now who can't be thankful for that? :)

...May this Thanksgiving show all in which you are truly THANKFUL for!

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Mary Marantz said...

what an awesome post!!! sounds like you are very blessed!!