Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Best Thing EVER!

VuPoint Solutions Slide and Negative Converter.

Yes everyone, they have made a negative scanner and it’s at the very low cost of $99.99.

I have kept and stored away all of my negatives from my film days. Practically everyone I knew would throw their negatives away, but I always kept mine…and boy am I glad I did! This nifty little device lets you scan your precious film negatives as a digital image onto your PC. Oh, it’s only available for PC Users…so take that Mac! :)

I received one as an early Christmas present from my oh-so-wonderful nephew, Marky. He told me he was going to wrap it and make me wait until Christmas to open it. I said ‘Screw that, I want it now!’ And he so happily handed it over. Thank you Marky!!!!

I recently inherited all of the old photos of my family from my Mom. Since I was the only girl of hers that is also on the Roberson side, it was only right to pass it on to me. I remember going through them and after film package after package there were countless negatives. I made a mental note to myself to take the negatives to my local film developer…knowing that I probably would never end up doing so. And then I received this great wonderful gift!

It is super easy to hook up and it comes with a program CD which is basically like a Photoshop for Negatives and Slides. Oh that’s another thing. It also scans slides. :) I put my negative in the little contraption it comes with and popped it in…and Walla! There it was! I was so stupid excited I could barely contain myself. Chris came upstairs to check up on me when he heard me begin to squeal with glee. I did two negatives that night and am looking forward to doing more soon!

Here's some additional info (the actual printed description):

Take all those old 35mm slides and film negatives out of storage and share them with family and friends. This film scanner makes it easy. Simply load negatives or slides into this compact scanner to transfer to digital files. Once scanned, share them and save them. Scans images at 5.0 mega pixel quality. Auto color balance and exposure. Films color, monochrome film and mounted slides. Built-in back light. 2.0 USB interface. Outputs to JPG or TIF formats. Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP. (Converter is not compatible with MacIntosh computers.)

And the beauty itself...

You can purchase this amazing device at these following retailers (links provided):
Bed Bath & Beyond

Target : On sale at Target for the low price of $88.00!

Happy Scanning!

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