Monday, December 8, 2008


When I was a little girl I would sit down at the table with my Uncle Leo while he pulled out a quarter to scratch at these pieces of paper he would purchase at the store. I didn't really understood why he did it, all I really know is that sometimes after the scratching of the paper there were sometimes a curse word or two and sometimes even a jump with a hoot and a holler.

Now I know those pieces of paper were none other than Washington Lottery's Scratch Tickets. Over time I have purchased a few until I met my friend Melinda. Like Uncle Leo was the King of Scratch Tickets, she was the far. When I would see her (which used to be everyday) she would pull out at least 5 scratch tickets and we would sit there scratching them together and while Uncle Leo preferred whatever kind of scratch ticket that came his way (he would even buy the $20 kind!) Melinda preferred just one. Slingo.

Slingo changes their color of their scratch tickets every so often so at the time I believe they were yellow. Then they changed to blue. Now they are green. And I buy at least one every time I'm at the store. No matter what it is. I will have $40 only, go inside the gas station with every intention in the world to purchase just gas and end up spending $37 on gas instead while with the other $3 purchasing a Slingo. I have since given up this craziness but without me even knowing it I turned Chris onto these addictive little cards of green.

I was on my way home from an important dinner when I received a call from Chris basically telling me to hurry up because my nephew, Marky and his girlfriend, Jessica had arrived and they were waiting for me. I ended up not really caring that they were and decided to stop at Fred Meyer. Afterwards I get home and Marky's car is not there. Since Marky usually always ends up spending the night everytime he comes over, I was surprised that he was no longer there. Or so I thought.

I walked inside my house to discover that Jessica was there with my daughter Jasmine. I asked her where Chris was which resulted in me calling Chris for myself. He informed me he was with Marky...buying scratch tickets. Now me being me felt extremely surprised at this and automatically came to the assumption that he had to be lying. I mean, what guy leaves to just buy scratch tickets? Little did I know what was soon to come.

Chris and Marky walk in the door and before I even get to let Chris know that I think he is lying, Marky pulls out an EXTREMELY thick wad of ... Slingos. I couldn't absolutely believe what I was seeing...or hearing. The fact that they spent $90 on the entire roll of Slingos at the convenient store sounded ridiculous. stupid. unbelievable. BUT it was true. They had purchased 30 Slingos with the high hopes of winning more than what they had spent.

Now if I wasn't so mad at the time I would have taken a picture of it just to prove to you how stupid these two are. But I don't have a picture because I was so much in disbelief all I could really do was yell. And yell some more. After the yelling, I ended up being talked into scratching with them. That is really what someone should have got a picture of. Marky, Chris, Jessica and I scratching 30 Slingos all in hopes of winning something. But we didn't. We won $44. That's it. And can you believe they had the nerve to ask me if they should just use the $44 to buy more after they had just lost so much already? Yes, yes they did. And although I do not have a picture of the stack, I have a picture of all the losing tickets and the amount of scratch ticket dust that was left on my kitchen island.

And just in case you are a Slingo addict or maybe just a Scratch Ticket addict, here's a link to let you know how many cash prizes are still available on each scratch ticket out there.
Happy Scratching! :)

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you are a Slingo fan ~! We appreciate the support and we are sorry to hear that you didn't win and much as you would have hoped to. We just hope you had fun doing it!!

Since you have been "caught blogging" about Slingo - we would like to send you a Slingo goodie. Please reach out to us through our corporate site and send us your information.

Best of luck and happy Slingo-ing!!


Eric Lamendola
General Manager
Slingo, Inc.