Thursday, December 4, 2008


This is one word that has been in play at my job since the middle of the year. We have such a backlog our heads are spinning. And now they're planning layoffs. But we still have a backlog. So why layoffs? Because they like to see our heads spin much faster.

I, too in my life have a backlog. A long ridiculous list of things I need to start, blog and just do. I feel like life is living and I'm running so fast I can barely keep up with it. Especially now that Christmas is here, the overtime my crazy job is giving me and of course, life, I am officially backlogged.

I have 5 kazillion different things to post and I feel like I can't sit at the computer long enough in order to post them! Things would be so much easier if I was not as much as a perfectionist as I have came to be but since I am, my lovely blog readers must wait...but I will leave you with this little cutie who just so happens to be my godson, CJ, whose birthday I August. Yes, I told you I had a backlog!

And of course of my oh-so-adorable nephews, Fino & Feta, at Feta's Baptism in October, which I have promised to blog light years ago. I hope after seeing these two cuties, you will forgive me and just wait with anticipation until I am out of my backlog and post the entire thing.

Happy Holidays for now...
Don't let the economy get you down. Be thankful for what you have, have fun shopping and remember it's not how big the present or how extravagant but the thought that counts!
And don't let your backlog become you. I know everyone of you needs to organize something! :)

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