Monday, January 5, 2009

Alfredo :: Round 2!

Since the original post for Alfredo's shoot was so long, I decided to save the rest of the photos I was able to take of his brother and sister for another time. That time is now.

Here is the oldest, Aiyen (Belle):

Isn't she adorable? She loves High School Musical (what girl her age doesn't?) and dances ballet. She is such a princess diva and she has grown into a beautiful young lady. I am so blessed to call her my niece.

This is the middle child, Anton:

Did I tell you he's an actor? He's sooo the middle child always craving for attention. ;)

He is totally in love with Iron Man, Power Rangers, dinosaurs and just plain being a super hero. Oh he's also a rockstar. My mom got him and my other nephew, Dane a guitar complete with an amp. I just seen a video of him rocking out and he is pure comedy!

Some sibling love:

Brotherly love: Anton loves his little bro so much!

The following photo cracks me up! There is something so completely hilarious to me about the fact that Alfredo looks so serene, so calm, so at peace with being a baby. Anton, probably being the middle child, is so in love with Alfredo. He always wants to hold him and touch him and is constantly being in his face...this photo says it all.

Anton's time to shine...

Big sis looking out for little brother.

Mama with her littlest baby:

And lastly, mama with all of her babies!

After looking over this post, it makes me really feel the importance of family...sometimes we all get lost in work and plain everyday stress bypassing others, not really noticing them anymore. It's always good to take time out to reflect on what matters most to us, to be able to prioritize our everyday life so that we can be with the ones we love, ones we cherish the most, our beautiful kids.

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