Monday, January 5, 2009

Babies :: Alfredo

I am so excited to finally blog about my nephew Alfredo's shoot! It was so fun to be with the whole Maquiraya clan, with the 3 kids total, Aiyen or 'Belle' as we call her is the oldest, Anton or 'Iron Man' is the middle son and the youngest of course is Alfredo...'Feta'. :)

I haven't really been able to do an actual shoot with them so it was definitely a learning experience and an entertaining one! Although my main reason for the shoot was Alfredo, when there's 2 other kids also need to get them in the photos too! But first we started with Alfredo...

A shot with mom's wedding ring...

Cheryl had a pair of angel wings so we decided how cute would that be to put them on him!

After this, Alfredo got tired of looking cute as an angel so mom put on his Seattle Seahawks football jersey. :)

He lovessss to suck his thumb...

Thank you so much Cheryl for the QT we desperately needed as well as the time with the kids!

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