Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OMG....I'm a Mom.

I heart the holidays. I especially heart the lights and feel when you go into downtown Seattle. I always make an effort to go into Downtown and stroll around every year during this time; it makes me feel more in the holiday spirit. Last year, I was able to book a room downtown so that I wouldn’t have to worry about excessive traffic and no parking, or I should say expensive parking. It was the best, I so wish I would have been able to do it this year. Unfortunately I ended up not having any time or making any time to go downtown this year and walk around. I do take my Uncle to work sometimes which since he works graveyard I get to see Christmas in Downtown in all of its glory.

One night after dropping Uncle Leo off I decided to take an extended route home which included sightseeing through downtown since I had my daughter with me and she loves Christmas lights. She also loves horses. So as I am driving I spot a horse and carriage, but since there is so much traffic behind me I couldn’t stop long enough for her to be able to see it. I quickly turn at the next corner and going in a complete circle to try to track down this horse for her. Nowhere to be found. I probably drove around downtown for a good 30 minutes before finally deciding to park and walk around to look for it.

As I took my daughter out of the car and walked over to where I usually see the horses parked, I realized ‘Wow, I’m a mom.’ This statement might sound completely stupid but I believe that there is a point when you have your child where you look at your darling little one and all of a sudden realize that you are their parent. They are your life now…and that you’ll drive around downtown for 30 minutes looking for a horse just so that you can see the expression on their face when they see it.

Was there a defining moment for you? Was it when your child was born and the feeling just overcame you? Or maybe when you realized that you have wayyyy too much High School Musical stuff in your house to still consider yourself an adult? Or when you were in the shower and you caught yourself singing Hannah Montana or some random cartoon song? Or when you stood in line for HOURS for the a Nintendo Wii because they just HAD to have it?

Ring a bell? ;)


Mary Marantz said...

ahhh, what an AWESOME post!! I feel the same way when I bring a new toy home for Cooper (our dog!) and see his little eyes light up! :P

abbey said...

ha ha! I say this ALL the time!
Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the compliment on me ra's blog!!!
Love your blog and your photos!!!