Sunday, January 18, 2009

Backlog :: Seasons...come & go...

Fall….I love the season. My favorite season. I love the crisp clean air, the beautiful different colored leaves on the ground. I love the photos where there are leaves thrown in the air and everyone is laughing around them having the leaves fall on themselves. Fall to me also means new beginnings. Blame it on grade school or whomever; I feel it’s always a fresh start of a new time, even more so than actual New Years day.

Every year I take my daughter Jasmine to a park or field where there are hundreds of thousands of leaves on the ground. It is the most amazing feeling watching her run around playing with the leaves, being a kid. I love to look at the photos afterwards and compare them to years prior…it’s amazing how quickly they grow up.

These are some of the shots of fall 2008 at the first location:

She had so much fun running through the leaves...but we saw a slide that she just had to slide down on!

The day of Jasmine’s first Fall Festival, I took her to the park near my home for some playtime before getting dressed up in her Halloween costume and heading over to her daycare. It wasn’t that cold outside, just a cool breeze every so often. Thank goodness I always have my camera handy because I would have missed out on a huge photo opportunity.

So...what's your favorite season?

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Jeanette said...

What gorgeous colourful photos!! Love the one with her hiding behind the tree