Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bath Time Fun!!!

My daughter, Jasmine, LOVES baths. I mean LOVES like absolutely gets excited, squealing...the whole 9. So I decided to finally take this opportunity to get photos of her in the bath, doing one of the things that she loves to do...while I still can and while she is still a 'baby'.
She totally turned it up full notch as soon as I took the camera out. I couldn't believe some of the poses she was giving me! Thankfully my camera did not get wet while shooting her, so I am so happy for that!
So here is a couple of shots I was able to take of her without getting myself too wet.

I obviously wasn't able to get the image I had in my mind across with getting the Johnson's shampoo more in focus but it's okay. I'm learning. ;)

I know, I know...she has a lot of bath toys. What can I say? I'm a compulsive buyer as well as have an addiction others have called the 'Target disease'. Yes, I am one of many. ;)

I decided to take a different approach and put this one in black and white.

I started to take more close-ups of her face since she loves to go as low as possible into the water without having the water go into her mouth or eyes. It's one of her 'traits' that I can only think of looking back on when she's older!

I had to get one of her smiling! She's such a cheese-ball!

This photo makes my heart melt....

The image below I honestly have no idea how I got. I am so drawn to this image and I'm not sure if it is because of the image itself or her facial expression...but I am. And now I am sharing it with you all. =)

Till next time!

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